Plant Information Management System Consulting, Design, Engineering, Implementation and Support

    Historian Software: Capstone Techonlogy - dataPARC, OSIsoft - PI, ABB Compact HMI Historian, Matrikon Historian and Proficy iHistorian
  • Defining Plant Information and related application requirements.

  • Designing systems using proven methodologies and the best available technologies to meet customer requirements.

  • Providing complete Plant Information systems engineering, implementation, training, service and support for your project.

  • Providing Real-Time Process Historian applications via graphics display and reports.

  • Collaborating on ongoing application improvements.

SAT consistently delivers solutions using the best available systems and components. Whenever possible, we design primarily Plant Information solutions using widely marketed components. Such systems cost less to purchase, implement and maintain.

    Plant Information System and project expertise

  • Ability to effectively deliver comprehensive and high-level skills and resources to projects of all sizes.

  • Building into every project maximum integratability with current systems design as well as possibilities for future expansion, enhancement and improvement.

  • Thorough expertise in today's leading plant information system and development technologies, matched with a steadfast commitment to recommending those that create the best possible for clients.

    Plant Information System Integration services

  • Investigate, including the technical and business impact of plant informaiton system solutions.

  • Design and Implementation.

  • Project Management

  • Specification and commissioning.

  • System Testing and start-up.

  • System Training.

  • Complete system support.

  • Onging control, integration and collaboration.