Control System Design, Engineering, Implementation and Maintenance Support

    ABB, Siemens, Omron, Misuibishi, AB and GE etc.
  • Defining control and related process automation requirements.

  • Designing systems using proven methodologies and the best available technologies to meet your needs.

  • Providing complete control systems engineering, implementation, training, service and support for your project.

  • Providing Real-Time Process Historian applications.

  • Providing HMI and alarm management.

  • Collaborating on ongoing process and control improvements.

SAT consistently delivers solutions using the best available systems and components. Whenever possible, we design primarily DCS-, PLC- and PC-based control solutions using widely marketed open-systems components. Such systems cost less to purchase, implement and maintain.

    Control and project expertise

  • Ability to effectively deliver comprehensive and high-level skills and resources to projects of all sizes.

  • A disciplined focus-supported by rigorous work management and collaboration systems-on completing projects on time and within budget while keeping you fully informed along the way.

  • An emphasis on building into every project maximum integratability with current systems as well as possibilities for future expansion, enhancement and improvement.

  • Thorough expertise in today's leading automation, control and development technologies, matched with a steadfast commitment to recommending those that create the best possible for clients.

From single technology and small budget efforts to massive multi-discipline control, automation and information integration initiatives, SAT is Provided...

    Process Control System Integration services

  • Investigate, including the technical and business impact of control system solutions.

  • Design and Implementation.

  • Project Management

  • Specification and commissioning of field instrumentation.

  • System Testing and start-up.

  • System Training.

  • Complete system support.

  • Onging control, integration and automation collaboration.