“Value creations through innovations”

Our Story

Since 1999, SAT Solutions has empowered process industries to unlock the potential of their operational data. Starting with Information Management Systems and expanding our focus, we provide tailored solutions that drive manufacturing efficiency, sustainability, and strategic insights.

Proven Impact

We pride ourselves on a client roster that speaks volumes: Bayer Material Science, Lanxess, INEOS, SCG, PTT, Gulf, RATCH, Super Energy and others trust SAT Solutions with their most critical production processes. Our regional success underscores our ability to navigate diverse markets and deliver results.

How We’re Different

  • Industry Expertise: Decades of experience in the process sector ensure we understand the complexities you face.
  • Seamless Integration: From legacy systems to cutting-edge tech, we bridge the gap, creating harmony within your data landscape.
  • Solutions Focus: We partner with you, tailoring services to your needs, whether it’s optimizing, digitizing, or automating operations.
  • Technology Agnostic: Our process knowledge fuels solutions regardless of vendor – giving you freedom of choice.


  • Real-Time Visibility: Understand plant performance at a glance, enabling agile decision-making.
  • Boost Efficiency: Pinpointing bottlenecks, and optimizing resource utilization to ensure you get the most from your plant.
  • Data-Driven Performance: Analyze, forecast, and optimize asset reliability for continuous improvement and reliability.
  • Sustainability & Compliance: Meet targets while navigating stringent regulations through smarter monitoring and proactive reporting.


“To empower industries worldwide through real-time data insights, driving transformative performance improvements and competitive advantage.”

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