Our References

Renewable Energy Expertise

Solar Farm Optimization

(ABB/Yokogawa Systems) Maximized operational oversight and uptime using robust PLC, SCADA, and Web/Mobile platforms – improving grid integration and minimizing revenue loss.

Solar Rooftop Efficiency

(ABB Systems, Web/Mobile): Enhanced visibility for proactive maintenance and maximized solar asset performance within existing infrastructure. Subscription option offered for cost-effective oversight.

Floating Solar Success

(5MW, SCADA/Web/Mobile) Ensured continuous power monitoring and adaptable control solutions for innovative floating solar deployments – supporting renewable energy expansion.

Weather Station Solution

(Hydro-Floating Hybrid) Delivered precision data analytics for solar system forecasting and integration into hydro operations – optimizing overall plant output.

Process Industry Solutions

Sugar Mill Modernization

(ABB DCS): Elevated production efficiency and process integrity via modern DCS infrastructure – boosting yields and quality in core cane milling applications.

Streamlined Dump Control

Seamless management of material movement, increasing throughput while maintaining control for optimal sugar cane and starch mill productivity.

Efficient Truck Loading

Reduced delays, minimized errors, increased terminal throughput via batch control and automation solutions – bolstering supply chain efficiency.

CCS: Optimizing Commercial Cane Sugar Management

Accurate measurement and tracking of cane sugar delivered visibility and cost controls for both farmers and processors.

Data-Driven Solutions

Electronic Logging System

Enhanced accuracy, timeliness, and environmental footprint for compliance and reporting with mobile data capture – simplifying previously paper-based workflows.

Web/Mobile Performance Monitoring

Subscription-based, customizable dashboards offer real-time, location-independent access to critical solar plant data, supporting faster issue resolution and performance analytics.

Vessel Fuel Tracking & Monitoring

(Sub-based) Proactive management with on-vessel systems delivering precision fuel data while improving fleet security and emissions reporting compliance.

Water Treatment

Tap Water Treatment Turnkey Project

(ABB PLC) Ensured safety and clean water distribution with process automation infrastructure, meeting public water needs effectively and in line with regulatory standards.