Industrial Control Systems (ABB): Precision, Integration, and Growth

SAT Solutions partners with ABB, the global leader in industrial control technologies, to offer tailored automation solutions that maximize your operational efficiency and reliability.

System 800xA: Automation That Goes Beyond Expectation

ABB’s System 800xA is engineered for scalability and continuous improvement. This extended automation platform integrates diverse operations into a single environment, enhancing decision-making and streamlining your workflows.

Key Advantages of System 800xA

  • Drive Informed Decisions: Centralized HMI delivers real-time operational insights, empowering informed, time-critical choices.
  • Seamless Electrical Integration: IEC 61850 compliance offers unified visibility into electrical systems, optimizing energy management.
  • Streamlined Communication: Embedded voice and video tools improve teamwork and accelerate issue resolution.
  • Safety as Standard: Certified SIL3 controllers and instrumentation promote a culture of safety, prioritizing workforce and asset protection.
  • Maximized Asset Uptime: Predictive maintenance features reduce unplanned downtime and ensure peak performance.
  • Simplified Workflows: Integration with CMMS and enterprise systems ensures all stakeholders have the needed data for effective action.

Extend Your Capabilities

System 800xA provides a robust foundation. Enhance functionality with targeted software suites:

  • Production Management: (cpmPlus) Optimize manufacturing through better scheduling, real-time feedback, and reporting.
  • Operational Insights: (Ventyx) Leverage industry-specific analytics to navigate regulations, manage asset lifecycles, and prioritize efficiency.
  • Enterprise Connection: Integrate with SAP, MAXIMO, and other platforms, breaking down silos for more efficient operations.

Essential Automation – Freelance Systems and Compact Product Suite

For applications requiring precise, user-friendly, and cost-effective control, explore ABB’s ‘Freelance’ Systems and product suite. This robust offering suits the needs of diverse process industries.

Partner with SAT Solutions

Let us help you achieve operational excellence through ABB’s powerful automation solutions. Our expertise enables us to:

  • Assess Your Needs: Understand your pain points and design a control system that’s the perfect fit.
  • Seamless Implementation: Ensure minimal disruption and a smooth commissioning process.
  • Ongoing Support: Training, technical assistance, and optimization of your system throughout its lifecycle.

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