Accelerate Design, Cut Costs, Collaborate: The Power of 3D Fashion

Browzwear revolutionizes the fashion workflow with intuitive 3D design tools that streamline collaboration, reduce errors, and accelerate your path to market.

Key Benefits for Your Business

  • Slash Sample Costs:¬†Create hyperrealistic virtual prototypes for review and fit sessions,¬†dramatically reducing the need for physical samples.
  • Speed to Market: Iterate designs rapidly in 3D. Gain early approvals and reduce time-consuming revisions.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Share designs effortlessly within your team, manufacturers, and buyers for clear communication and faster decisions.
  • Visual Impact: Engage buyers with rich, 3D visual presentations, eliminating the need for expensive photoshoots in early stages.
  • Sustainability: Reduces materials waste and the environmental impact of physical sampling.

Browzwear vStitcher: Mastering 3D Apparel Development

vStitcher empowers designers, patternmakers, and technical specialists to transform 2D concepts into stunning 3D garments:

  • Photorealistic Simulations: Achieve remarkably accurate fabric rendering, textures, and drape simulation.
  • Instant Pattern Changes: Modify designs in real-time and analyze changes instantly on the 3D model.
  • Custom Fit Sessions: Experiment with virtual fit on avatars of different sizes, providing more precision than traditional mannequins.
  • Streamlined Approvals: Internal teams and manufacturers can quickly assess design feasibility and style accuracy.
  • External Integration: Interfaces with design suites and other tools for easy file transfer and customization options.

Additional Features That Give You the Edge

  • Extensive Fabric Library: Access realistic digital fabrics or digitize your own materials.
  • True-to-Life Colorways: Develop multiple color options and patterns effortlessly.
  • Enhanced Rendering: Create high-quality images and animations for client presentations and marketing.

Transform Your Design Workflow with SAT Solutions

As an authorized Browzwear distributor, SAT Solutions is here for you:

  • Needs Assessment: Analyze your current workflow and tailor a solution.
  • Software Implementation: Seamless integration into existing processes.
  • Training & Support: Ensure the team’s success with this new tool.

Experience the future of fashion design. Contact us today to discuss Browzwear.